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fright night…


Yes a little bugger gave me a fright last night. and no, no, i am not going to talk about vampires or werewolves. I am talking about this! (take a look at the picture below)


and no, this isn’t the actual picture. sad to say. too much fright i forgot to take my camera and take a picture of the little bugger.

anyways what happened was i was on top of the kid’s bed bunk.. i like it there. lol it’s like on top of a roof. anyways, the kids were asleep (lower bunk) and i was on top of the bunk and was talking to my husband over the phone… when we were through i sat up straight and noticed something near my right cheek.. i was actually leaning on the wall..when i saw something that wasn’t normal. see the bedroom wall was green, so it would be pretty obvious to see this bugger but i wasn’t able to see him (or her? or it?) …

i actually leaned closer because i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, i leaned closer as i thought it was just a brown scotch (!?) tape on the wall. but what i saw gave me goosebumps lol i am scared of these buggers!! I saw two little gray antenna like sticking on the front and it is slowly…very very very slowly moving.. and i was like huh? what the heck is this slug doing on my bedroom wall!!

i hated it i mean i nearly jump but what i did was of course create some space between us as i was really scared shit, frightened rather. yeah yeah it wouldn’t harm but heck i wouldn’t touch it. basically on a normal day where my husband would be around i would shout and call him to take care of it…but this wasn’t a normal day as he is out of town and i need to take care of this little thingie! of course my kids are too young to do something about it but i bet they would be LESS scared than me. but it was nearly midnight and i couldn’t call for back up. lol. so i took a hard piece of paper (the size of a brochure lol) so there wouldn’t be a chance of touching it. thinking of being near it already give me chills..much more touch it with a piece of paper. But i know it wasn’t really a tape stuck on the wall as the little antennas were moving and the thought of my cheeks nearly touching it gave me frights uugghhhhhh!!

so yes i swipe the hard paper on the little bugger..and opened the bedroom window and threw him out to oblivion… or well outside the yard. lol. It was damn frightening for me. i chicken out on these kinds of stuff. really really really scared of them.

and yes i even game myself a pat on the shoulders for being..errr a bit brave last night… but i end up going to the mirror and checking my hair, back,legs, arms… of one of his (or her) is stuck on me. YES i am that PARANOID. but really i couldn’t fathom why that little slug is on my bedroom wall.. its just not right. creepy for me.

i end up texting my best friend about it just to vent it out. lol.

and now thinking about it.. i should have taken a picture of him (or her) first before i removed him. i mean he wasn’t that harmful but i wasn’t thinking straight the moment i saw him and on the second thought i couldn’t even remember what that piece of hard paper i used to swipe him off.. i wish that wasn’t an important brochure from work. err…

and on the second thought i really did well. lol. i mean on a Normal day too when i encounter a millipede or an earthworm lost in my bathroom or even in the yard they end up getting annihilated by me! so really this one is big big progress of not killing their specie.



quite a lovely morning


Okay. I decided not be upset for today, i mean happiness is a choice right? things do actually suck right now, financially that is. but for once i won’t think of it.

and for some reasons i woke up this morning feeling quite happy. which is weird since my husband is away and when usually he is away i find something missing in my day..

but i woke up today quite feeling light – Thank God for that. there is too much to take in and maybe just now, yes just now it won’t be that bad. usually i rant on my lack of sleep (3 hours per day now since May!!)

but today let’s start our day with a smile! To hell with my empty pockets (or bank account that is:P) to hell with gloomy hell with people who are so grumpy early in the morning.. it’s time to smile!!! 😛

Bloody hell..


This post shows how uncreative I am when it comes to nails, nail polish and all sorts of it.

But my kid’s were the one who did this…


err.. ok ok no need to lie :O

this is all my fault and it looked like some kid’s art paint, splashed…looked like blood – a mess lol.

see it for yourself.


see? a bloody mess! I tried to make sort of a design but it end up looking like i killed somebody and the blood is stuck on my finger nails…or something.  i don’t know how else to describe it. lol.

the worse part was that I don’t have anything to remove the nail polish. ran out of acetone.

Such an inspiration


God do talk to us at the right time. If we do listen.

Several days now I have been over and under the edge. There were days that my mind would just fly away… i even feel like on a depressive mode. It was just shitty these days. Yeah. Broke. My son got sick. Health bills, medicine bills, doctors bills, school bills.. it just keep piling up and sometimes it just gets into you right?

And yes I have been complaining about it. Just this morning, my youngest want to eat some chocolate and a cake and on a normal not broke day, I would obliged him but today is just not it! He was so persistent that I even got mad at him for just being so…him 😦 I actually felt bad that I had to explain to him our situation. My husband is out of town and needs money too. I couldn’t help but just complain. really.

It was even a lazy day that i didn’t feel like getting up.

Until tonight, I turned on the TV and I saw Nick Vujicic on TV…and he was reading this passage..

The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. PSALMS 18


It’s like a voice telling me that why would i feel that way? when I have the LORD. Nick is a guy who doesn’t have any limbs at all yet he overcome self-pitying, he overcome all of it and now he is an inspiration to thousands of people.

and maybe it is about time for me not to think of my finances or how hard life is.. or how hard things can be because somehow i am lucky. I am lucky i still have a job – jobs even! I am lucky I have three lovely kids and that is one big factor that i should stop complaining!!

And somehow i feel great…

this is one of his videos online..amazing guy. Amazing is the Lord for creating such inspiration, such instrument.

Busy Bag Tutorial


I am one of those people that love a DIY. Even though sometimes you have to admit that doing something takes a lot of time and buying one will always be the easier method… but there is just something about making “something” that makes a whole lot different.


Like when back in College, I often like to see my friends note books – they look filthy expensive haha (I went to an expensive school the first two years of my college) I myself bought cheap ones as that time my family started to run into financial problems. But anyways I love notebooks and there is just something about them that I can’t resist, either its cover or its smooth pages. (freak) But anyways instead of buying them, I turned my own notebook to a DIY thing. Mine was an ordinary medium sized one – those ones that has tabs in it and you can use it in three different subjects because it is partitioned that way. Anyways the cover was hard and like bound thick. I like ones that way too as there is a tendency it gets wet (i study while eating or eating while studying, whatever works). What I did was cut my worn out jeans. yeah and designed my notebook using it so it’ll look cool with pockets from the jeans in it. hahaha and friends love it. too bad i can’t find where those are now..hmmm..

But anyways back to my post for today, I just logged in and saw this on a page where I love to visit because of its practical posts.. – love this site. visit it!! I guess she just re-blogged this page too. soo cool the author made a tutorial on how to make these cute crazy bags. I love these as this is suitable for kids. Their art materials could fit in it and look cool. I am even planning on creating one for my kids and replace their boring looking art materials.


love it already! check the site on how to do it.

Pink Week: A Catch up – 2 items!


Ok so i was absent for two (or was it three?) days, some personal reasons.


So in order to catch up I will be sharing two pink items I have with me today. and no it isn’t a clothing or a shoe..or undies lol..but

behold, i did forget that i have these:




Yes! I have two pink items. A pink vintage lipstick and a Nichido 3-in-1 lube.(or stick?!)




Yes A vintage pink lipstick that I have with me or in my purse which i did neglect to use till now! It’s from AVON still. What i love about it is, it’s smooth, my lips doesn’t go dry and I love its girlie pink color. I feel young using it. (but i am young lol)



This is the Nichido lube (or stick?!) that I have. I rave this product…


It’s color is called South Beach. I love how it is packaged, look cute and elegant. This was given by my husband’s sister -in-law. She asked her husband to buy this for her in SM Cagayan. She told me this costs around 200+ (if my memory is right) and luckily that day it was on sale. She told her husband to buy her five of that in different shade. but well.. you know men her husband bought her 15 (15!!!!!) of that in ONE shade. LOL.  It was only 89 pesos -sale price! So her husband bought her that many hahaha! I was even kidding her, she could put it all day and night long and she will still have a LOT of it.

So she gave me two of them (I gave one to my best friend, Donna, who i know will be reading this blog later tonight yey!).


What I love about Nichodo’s South Beach is the color is just right for me. Not toooo bright for a blush on and not tooo light as if it isn’t there ( i mean if it is barely there what is the point of using a blush on right??) Plus what i love about it is it glitters – not tooo glittery you look like wh*re lol or someone whose kid put glitters on the face but just the right amount of glitter twinkling that you won’t be embarrassed using it during office hours. So yes it looks nice and elegant too. It is 3in1 therefore it can be used as lip gloss / lip color which i barely do because it easily fades away when put in the lips.. but when on the lips it looks like a nude lip color and not as pink.. unlike when used as a blush it gives the right amount of blush.. 😉 and last it can be used as an eye shadow color which I also do not use.

For some reasons I don’t like PINK or any color in its tint (or shade?) of pink on my eye lids…eye shadow. I feel like a kid who played with make up when I have it on..or i feel like someone punched me on the face same with a violet eye shadow lol I am comfortable with a bronze,brown,gray and black but not pink on the eyeshadow…

or on the second thought, i just probably DON’T KNOW HOW TO APPLY it properly. whatyathink?


anyways, that’s it for now. anyone tried those products i used? Who raves Nichido here? I would love to try their other products. I also searched for it only and the ingredients or materials used for Nichido is very safe, like organic won’t harm our skin or our face too!