Pink Week-Day 1: Nail Polish


To start of my blog, I have decided to begin with colors.

Lately I have been thinking that for the past few years, I never really acted like a lady. I mean I am one. lol. But NEVER really thought of doing what most ladies do.


So start of this blog. I will dedicate each day of this week with something PINK. I tried thinking of probably wearing something pink for the office tomorrow – but well, I don’t have any clothing item that is PINK!! I have black – err..mostly all my shirts are black and it’s about time to change.


However, I believe I am in a good start… look below 😉



Sorry as the pixel is not that great. But that nail polish is pink 😀


And starting this day I will have one item that is pink! Honestly, it will be hard for me. I barely have any item right now that is pink. I have black shirts, black pants, black undies! I just find black sexy but lately I think I need something light and pastel to brighten up my week, brighten up my day.




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