Pink – Day 2: My Lip Color :P


Honestly, I don’t have any clothing – from top to bottom to undies – no PINK! (got to remedy that!!)

But I do have one item today that is pink..


Yes, errr.. it doesn’t look that PINK from the picture. but i swear that’s pink!! 😀


and that’s me. just look at the lip color though. I kinda hate this pic hahah! Took this in a rush, my hair is a mess and hate my glasses too!


this is one is lop-sided..weird. but took this in a hurry since i am in the office now.


and sorry for another blurry pic, but the lip color is from AVON got this last week (was on sale) it’s shade is “amelia rose” it’s just so feminine! haha!

it’s 0815 in the morning and i am blogging instead of starting my office work. sooooo that’s it. my 2nd pink of the week! 😀


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