Busy Bag Tutorial


I am one of those people that love a DIY. Even though sometimes you have to admit that doing something takes a lot of time and buying one will always be the easier method… but there is just something about making “something” that makes a whole lot different.


Like when back in College, I often like to see my friends note books – they look filthy expensive haha (I went to an expensive school the first two years of my college) I myself bought cheap ones as that time my family started to run into financial problems. But anyways I love notebooks and there is just something about them that I can’t resist, either its cover or its smooth pages. (freak) But anyways instead of buying them, I turned my own notebook to a DIY thing. Mine was an ordinary medium sized one – those ones that has tabs in it and you can use it in three different subjects because it is partitioned that way. Anyways the cover was hard and like bound thick. I like ones that way too as there is a tendency it gets wet (i study while eating or eating while studying, whatever works). What I did was cut my worn out jeans. yeah and designed my notebook using it so it’ll look cool with pockets from the jeans in it. hahaha and friends love it. too bad i can’t find where those are now..hmmm..

But anyways back to my post for today, I just logged in and saw this on a page where I love to visit because of its practical posts.. http://moneysavingmom.com – love this site. visit it!! I guess she just re-blogged this page too. http://www.infarrantlycreative.net/2013/07/busy-bag-tutorial.html#comment-70565 soo cool the author made a tutorial on how to make these cute crazy bags. I love these as this is suitable for kids. Their art materials could fit in it and look cool. I am even planning on creating one for my kids and replace their boring looking art materials.


love it already! check the site on how to do it.


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