fright night…


Yes a little bugger gave me a fright last night. and no, no, i am not going to talk about vampires or werewolves. I am talking about this! (take a look at the picture below)


and no, this isn’t the actual picture. sad to say. too much fright i forgot to take my camera and take a picture of the little bugger.

anyways what happened was i was on top of the kid’s bed bunk.. i like it there. lol it’s like on top of a roof. anyways, the kids were asleep (lower bunk) and i was on top of the bunk and was talking to my husband over the phone… when we were through i sat up straight and noticed something near my right cheek.. i was actually leaning on the wall..when i saw something that wasn’t normal. see the bedroom wall was green, so it would be pretty obvious to see this bugger but i wasn’t able to see him (or her? or it?) …

i actually leaned closer because i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, i leaned closer as i thought it was just a brown scotch (!?) tape on the wall. but what i saw gave me goosebumps lol i am scared of these buggers!! I saw two little gray antenna like sticking on the front and it is slowly…very very very slowly moving.. and i was like huh? what the heck is this slug doing on my bedroom wall!!

i hated it i mean i nearly jump but what i did was of course create some space between us as i was really scared shit, frightened rather. yeah yeah it wouldn’t harm but heck i wouldn’t touch it. basically on a normal day where my husband would be around i would shout and call him to take care of it…but this wasn’t a normal day as he is out of town and i need to take care of this little thingie! of course my kids are too young to do something about it but i bet they would be LESS scared than me. but it was nearly midnight and i couldn’t call for back up. lol. so i took a hard piece of paper (the size of a brochure lol) so there wouldn’t be a chance of touching it. thinking of being near it already give me chills..much more touch it with a piece of paper. But i know it wasn’t really a tape stuck on the wall as the little antennas were moving and the thought of my cheeks nearly touching it gave me frights uugghhhhhh!!

so yes i swipe the hard paper on the little bugger..and opened the bedroom window and threw him out to oblivion… or well outside the yard. lol. It was damn frightening for me. i chicken out on these kinds of stuff. really really really scared of them.

and yes i even game myself a pat on the shoulders for being..errr a bit brave last night… but i end up going to the mirror and checking my hair, back,legs, arms… of one of his (or her) is stuck on me. YES i am that PARANOID. but really i couldn’t fathom why that little slug is on my bedroom wall.. its just not right. creepy for me.

i end up texting my best friend about it just to vent it out. lol.

and now thinking about it.. i should have taken a picture of him (or her) first before i removed him. i mean he wasn’t that harmful but i wasn’t thinking straight the moment i saw him and on the second thought i couldn’t even remember what that piece of hard paper i used to swipe him off.. i wish that wasn’t an important brochure from work. err…

and on the second thought i really did well. lol. i mean on a Normal day too when i encounter a millipede or an earthworm lost in my bathroom or even in the yard they end up getting annihilated by me! so really this one is big big progress of not killing their specie.



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