quite a lovely morning


Okay. I decided not be upset for today, i mean happiness is a choice right? things do actually suck right now, financially that is. but for once i won’t think of it.

and for some reasons i woke up this morning feeling quite happy. which is weird since my husband is away and when usually he is away i find something missing in my day..

but i woke up today quite feeling light – Thank God for that. there is too much to take in and maybe just now, yes just now it won’t be that bad. usually i rant on my lack of sleep (3 hours per day now since May!!)

but today let’s start our day with a smile! To hell with my empty pockets (or bank account that is:P) to hell with gloomy skies..to hell with people who are so grumpy early in the morning.. it’s time to smile!!! 😛


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