a day with the waves


it’s actually a very lazy day… woke up with the sound of the rain..falling as if it never want to stop…and behold, it was already 10am! We (me and hubby and also my boys) were still in bed. I took a peak and saw my daughter was already up having a glass if milk and a piece of bread! Lol she didn’t even bother waking us up…

It’s been awhile since we overslept.. it felt like 5 in the morning rather than 10 in the morning!!

Then the kids started bugging me that we go and visit the BEACH!! I declined as it was raining..drizzling to be more exact as it died down a bit but the weather feels cold and lazy and i just feel like staying in all day long, my plan for the day. BUT to my dismay my kids went to their dad and told him their plan and he agreed..ughhh but well I have to go along with them rather than be in bed alone lol.

I took a short video of our day at the beach. We actually just stayed for 3 hours as it was raining hard again but it was fun playing in the water while it is drizzling as we are not worried we get burned by the sun as Mr. Sun seems like hiding that day and plans to do it till tomorrow i guess.. (it’s still raining till now!!!)

those are my kids playing πŸ™‚

and it was actually fun playing in the waves.


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  1. Shark shark! And then the water receded. Wahhh you’re just at the shore playing shark. Hehehe.

    I miss the waves though. πŸ˜€

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