Good Stuff


Yesterday was actually one of those lazy office days where all we did was waiting for the clock to strike 5 and we’re ready to do. No one was speaking, seems like everyone was intent on just looking at the screen and trying best to “work” even though some just pretend to be working.

But by noon time an office mate came and talked about direct selling stuff, she was referring to Tupperware. I know about it as this brand was around for years now. I don’t have any interest in it other than I like looking at the Tupperware stuff before my mom would buy. But my office mate was inviting us to “join” if we want to sell or just be a member to get some freebies and stuff.

I end up joining them and see what they have. And in the end I end up joining too. The sign up was not free actually but I got these cool stuff.



I got these cool mugs – microwaveable!


Part of the kit a cologne (the smell is mild) a Baby Care cologne (I am not sure what to do with these as my kids aren’t allowed to use cologne) and a whitening soap – this I can use.


A water container, i like it’s color. Will keep this one as it might come in handy in the future.


The Tupperware food containers. The small ones were part of the kit. The big ones were the ones I need for the initial purchase. The kit is actually at P599 and include those small Tupperware which I like. It is durable! The big blue one cost me around P799 the same amount required for the initial purchase and the big violet one comes free with the blue one! Cool. But I am thinking what will i do those right now? lol.

Hubby says I should sell each, i’ll earn double. But I feel like not selling them because I might use it in the future too. Plus I love the colors. lol.

IMG_20130808_190720 IMG_20130808_190727 IMG_20130808_190731more pics of the Tupperware I got.


It actually comes with a bag, a pink Tupperware bag where all of these fit. Wasn’t able to take a picture of it though. Anyways I find these good stuff. More more more! 😀


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  1. Oooh! Tupperware. I could remember the days mom was into those. 😀 It’s so cool you got a lot from the kit. They could be used for lunch boxes and such. 🙂

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