Men can be dense sometimes


At 11 eve last night, I was feeling hungry. Couldn’t find the right food to eat. The crackers we have are all hard. So I called my husband who was out for the night with some friends. I told him to buy me some food preferably soft ones. He said ok.

So I end up waiting for him till 1 in the morning, and yes i was really excited because i was THAT hungry. only to find out that he bought Arroz Caldo (ugh!!!) its a porridge like dish with chicken in it. I don’t have problems with Arroz Caldo on a regular day i would love to eat it BUT I just had Arroz Caldo for dinner too!! (which he, himself cooked it for me) and now he came home bringing the same effin dish!!!!!!


I was like huh? why the heck are you bringing me this dish again? All he said that’s the only soft food he can think of! wahhh i felt like crying last night. I told him were near Chowking, Jolliee and Greenwich and all you can think of is Arroz caldo for me? wahh!!!

See, men can be dense sometimes. you need to spell it out to them.


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    • because he said, my text says something “soft” ughhh dense lol.. i was pissed but well i just didn’t say it out loud or he might not be buy next time. but still i was that pissed hahhaha.

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