Vegetable Ukoy (Vegetable Fritters!)


My kids are very picky eaters. They won’t eat veggies much more if you don’t put any imagination to the food! But I like this because it is a challenge for me.

This morning, we went to the market and I purchased some vegetables, from carrots, cabbages to monggo sprouts, also some protein – chicken!

I was thinking of just making a sauteed veggies with chicken but that is quite common and I know the kids would just pick on the chicken and leave the veggies out!

So what I did was make “ukoy” my own version. I know the usual “ukoy” sold contains shrimps, monggo sprout mixed in a batter of flour and egg and sometimes it doesn’t taste anything at all!

But since this is my own version – I made it extra special. 🙂 Here are the ingredients…and no exact measurement because I eyeballed all of it 😀






carrots – minced/diced/strips – whatever you like it

cabbage – strips /mined/ diced

monggo sprout

chicken – minced / diced – its all up to you

salt and pepper to taste



I started mixing the veggies first in a big bowl, since I was eyeballing it all out, i did this first so i could also see how much flour will i use.

Then I got some flour – probably the amount I use half a cup will do, then also a quarter of a cup of cornstarch. I added some cornstarch because it makes the fritters / ukoy crispy. After mixing the two, I added eggs, since I am not stingy – I added 3 eggs ( i love eggs!) but 2 will do i guess. But the consistency you want to achieve will be not too thick and not too thin. After that I added the veggies and chicken, then salt and pepper to taste.

I was also thinking of adding some Paprika (very mild) and the kids love it but found out i ran out of it 😦 it would add a bit of a kick to the whole recipe. But if you have it you can add it.

Then after mixing, heat your pan with some oil and then fry it away! 😀 how thick or how big is up to you just make sure you get a crispy crust outside and cooked a bit moist in the inside!



The result! 😀 I love the color and i love the smell. Plus it was a hit with the kids. That plate was full of ukoy but my kids devoured it immediately!

So happy because they didn’t know they were eating veggies and lots of it!!! 😉

For those wanting to know the right amount, I could probably make again and will be measuring it! don’t hesitate to comment and ask me questions! Happy eating!!


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  1. Is that the same with fish patties? It looks the same, but I’m not sure because we always call them patties. lol. And it’s always made up of fish (galunggong deboned), carrots, onions, flour, starch, egg. I’ve never heard of ukoy before. That’s weird right? Anyway, my mom makes fish patties not because she has to hide the veggies, but to make fish fancier because I hate the taste of fish. lol.

    I didn’t know we could do this using chicken. Hmmmm idea! 😀 Sorry, fish.

  2. Yes yes the same, just this time i used some chicken and veggies 😀 My mom also makes fish patties.. or fritters – what’s the difference? 😀 tastes the same – great! now i am hungry

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