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This & That Tag!


I actually wasn’t tagged but i feel like doing this 😀 my friend Donna (check her blog out by clicking her name! )made this on her blog 😀 this feels like one of those things you answer in an autograph – just a bit on a higher level lol.


1.  Blush or Bronzer. Blush – for now, I haven’t tried Bronzer yet but I so want to. I have read somewhere that it emphasizes your cheek bones and I need that as I have chubby cheeks! 

2. Lip gloss or lip stick. Lipstick. I don’t like lip gloss as it feels slimy or sticky lol
3. Eyeliner or mascara.  Eyeliner – bronze or brown in color, i like how it plays with my eyes. I can’t use mascara for now as it elongates my eye lashes more which is annoying because it touches the lenses of my eyeglasses which reminds me to go and get contact lenses! 
4. Foundation or concealer.  BB cream 😀 my new found love
5. Natural or colored eyeshadow. Copper colored eyeshadow, i love smoky eyeshadow but not just often
6. Pressed or loose eyeshadow. Pressed. I didn’t know there is such thing as loose eyeshadow.
7. Brush or sponge. Brush, it balances the color more 


1. Opi or China Glaze.  I don’t even know the difference of the two! Can anyone tell me? 
2. Long or short. Long as it makes me feel glamorous…but had to cut it short sometimes because It gets in the way in doing household chores. 
3. Acrylic or natural. Natural.
4. Bright or dark. Bright 🙂 It just brighten things up 
5. Flower or no flower. no flower.. i guess i am not too girly. lol



1. Perfume or body splash. Perfume but i barely use it
2. Lotion or body butter. Body Butter – I tried one before when a friend gave me from Body Shop
3. Body wash or soap. Soap – been using Dove lately, I love how it feels afterwards. 
4. Lush or Other.  what is lush? care to tell me?



1. Jeans or sweat pants. Jeans. Sweat pants not suitable here. 
2. Long sleeves or short sleeves. Short sleeves, I don’t like using long sleeves because I easily feel hot and I get sweaty all over. 
3. Dress or skirt. Dress – i know i look better in a dress 😀 
4. Scarves or hat. Scarves, but i barely use one. Hats? not also it is so hot i don’t think it is applicable here
5. Studs or dangling earrings. Both. depends on the occasion. 
6. Necklace or bracelet. Bracelet. Necklace? no no, i don’t like anything on my neck especially chokers. 
7. Heels or flats. Heels – they make me feel sexy lol but lately I wear flats so i can run fast in case i need to! 😉 
8. Cowboy boots or riding boots.  Riding boots, I don’t have any but they look sexy with denim shorts. 
9. Jackets or hoodies. Jackets – it is classic, hoodies make me feel fat…all bundled up. 
10. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. Forever 21. I have their shop in Davao and I love the clothes but I can’t afford it for now 😦 



1. Curly or straight. Straight, it’s classic. 
2. Bun or ponytail. Both. Depending on what I am doing. Ponytail when I am having a bad hair day and I need to go to the office. Bun – when I am at home and doing chores i don’t like my hair all over my face. 
3. Bobby pin or butterfly clips.  Bobby pins – classic again. It stays hidden. barely there. 
4. Hairspray or gel. None. I don’t find it a need for now. 
5. Long or short.  Long, a few months ago I had it cut near my chin, and I am longing for it to grow fast and now it is past my shoulder so i am happy about it! yey! 
6. Dark or light. Dark – but  I want to have highlights too.. probably white (like Rogue lol ) weird. 
7. Side swept bangs or full bangs.  no bangs at all. weird for me. 
8. Up or down. Down 



1. Rain or shine. Shine for now – we can’t afford to have rain in our current situation. 

2. Summer or winter.  Summer – i love the beach and i love summer dresses. 
3. Fall or spring. Fall. I so want to experience fall and get to see the leave changing colors. 
4. Chocolate or vanilla. CHOCOLATE – need i say more? 😀 

Don’t forget to leave your links down below if you do this tag. See you!


Hypocrisy or what?


I was browsing online looking for some books to read. There will be no work tomorrow and I definitely would have time to read some books.

I browsed National Bookstore’s facebook page, I usually go there to see what books they are advertising, they have list of top 10 Best selling books. One post they have was that of “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire which was translated to Filipino. I am fully aware that books particularly best selling ones are translated to Filipino like Fifty Shades, Twilight and even Hunger Games.

I won’t deny it that at first I was off with the idea of translating those wonderful books to our language. My first thought was it might be weird reading it in Filipino. But after watching last Sunday’s episode of Cheche Lazaro’s Ang Wika Ko. A special documentary on our Filipino language I was like slapped in the face for even feeling ashamed of our language. You can watch the trailer here , I am not sure where you can find the full version online.

The episode was about the debate on our own language, on some parts it is diminishing, even students fail to translate some words and could not even use the right noun or pronoun or verb in Filipino. Plus the endless battle of using P or F in the word Filipino or Pilipino. It was also discussed how most of our students now could not even speak Filipino straight, it would either be a mixture of English or their native dialect. Like for one here in my city it would either be a mixture of Filipino/English/Chavacano. Anyways, I would totally encourage you to watch that episode.

Back to my facebook observation. There were comments such as why were the books translated, it was such a shame. A SHAME? I am asking myself now. Is it really? Or should we even be proud that the author  allowed the rights to use our language and I bet the author is even a lot more proud that his/her books are translated in a different language thus expanding his/her market.

I personally believe now that it isn’t a shame at all. We should probably start to read in Filipino. I browsed online and saw that the Harry Potter series, Fifty Shades, Twilight were translated in different languages! From German to French to Spanish! WHY NOT in FILIPINO? It is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact it would RAISE OUR FLAG! It is time that we embrace our language! It may not be the most popular language in the world, not the most sought after to learn language in the world but it is OUR LANGUAGE! There are even foreigners who want to learn how to speak our language fluently and strive for it! We Filipinos could barely remember what verb is in Filipino, I for one could not remember the correct sentence structure in Filipino which is a shame! 😦 I am ashamed right now. I used to be good at it in high school, i aced those exams. but what happened right now? Yes I am a hypocrite. I strive my best to write and speak in English but I didn’t strive to be good in Filipino. I stopped. I stopped learning Filipino because I took it for granted.

Those linguistics expert on Cheche Lazaro’s episode said media has something to do with it, most of what we see on cable tv is in English and yes nothing is wrong with that. Good thing right now is that our own Local media strives for Filipino, look at ABS CBN’s shows most are in Filipino now. Cheche Lazaro even shared that the first episodes of her show Probe was in English but the management changed it to English and she herself went through the eye of the needle to learn Filipino as she grew up in an English speaking family! So I believe we must do that too. Learn to speak in Filipino!

I also noticed that we before we barely have good books written in Filipino, well of course, we must not include Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere or the El Filibusterismo as most of us were required to read it during high school But on a second though would we even read it if it wasn’t required? 😦 a lot would not. As I have to admit the words were really that hard to comprehend but after reading it it was still worth it. Let us be thankful for Bob Ong’s books or even those romance novel in Filipino. They still strive their best to uphold our language.

All I want to say is that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN USING OUR OWN LANGUAGE! Walang masama kung gagamitin natin ang sariling atin!

It is about time we use our own language. Oras na!

I even told my husband after watching the movie that we would take time to speak to our children in straight Filipino (or Tagalog, the same!) in straight Filipino so they will never forget to use it. My husband is happy about it as he is an advocate of that.

Before I end, we couldn’t also blame why most Filipinos strive to speak in English because most of their source of living requires speaking in English. I in fact could not deny that as I also work online and my employer is from California and in order for me to be able to communicate with her properly I need to be at level with her and that means speaking in English effectively and efficiently. That’s why most are defensive when it comes to English and learning English and putting more priority in learning English rather than in learning Filipino. Probably if we generate more jobs in our own land then probably we could also solve the problem of Filipinos loving our own Filipino language. I hope I am right here.

I could also remember doing a job for my employer where she asked me to do a research of the different language schools worldwide. Most of these language schools offer learning the following languages, English, Spanish, French,German,Japanese,Korean,Arabic,Mandarin. These were the top languages that people want to learn. How I wish soon I could see Filipino as one of the languages that people would want to learn.

And how I wish Filipino..some would stop being a hypocrite and embrace our language!

Oras na para mahalin ang sariling atin, at siguro pag ginawa natin ito magsisimula tayong umunlad. Hindi tayo uunlad kung hindi natin gagawin ito. Mahirap sa simula, at marami marahil ang hindi sasang-ayon subalit ito ang paraan na aking naiisip para makamit nga natin ang “daang matuwid”, isa sa mga paraan 🙂


Men can be dense sometimes


At 11 eve last night, I was feeling hungry. Couldn’t find the right food to eat. The crackers we have are all hard. So I called my husband who was out for the night with some friends. I told him to buy me some food preferably soft ones. He said ok.

So I end up waiting for him till 1 in the morning, and yes i was really excited because i was THAT hungry. only to find out that he bought Arroz Caldo (ugh!!!) its a porridge like dish with chicken in it. I don’t have problems with Arroz Caldo on a regular day i would love to eat it BUT I just had Arroz Caldo for dinner too!! (which he, himself cooked it for me) and now he came home bringing the same effin dish!!!!!!


I was like huh? why the heck are you bringing me this dish again? All he said that’s the only soft food he can think of! wahhh i felt like crying last night. I told him were near Chowking, Jolliee and Greenwich and all you can think of is Arroz caldo for me? wahh!!!

See, men can be dense sometimes. you need to spell it out to them.

pay back time


The gods must be pissed off at me with my cheesecake addiction.

I spent most of my freetime last week looking at cheesecake making videos online.

and even ate nearly a whole of a cheesecake pie!

Yesterday i felt a pain in my right part of the cheek.. and i know it must be my tooth. ugh.

and now I am suffering. it is very very very swollen right now.

Swollen to the point that I can’t speak. I can’t eat properly.

I went to dentist today and had it checked and found the reason why but he can’t do anything about the tooth right but until the swelling subsides after 3-5 days! ugh!!! Torture!!

😦 i even took a picture of myself and i definitely look like a puffer fish.

Good Stuff


Yesterday was actually one of those lazy office days where all we did was waiting for the clock to strike 5 and we’re ready to do. No one was speaking, seems like everyone was intent on just looking at the screen and trying best to “work” even though some just pretend to be working.

But by noon time an office mate came and talked about direct selling stuff, she was referring to Tupperware. I know about it as this brand was around for years now. I don’t have any interest in it other than I like looking at the Tupperware stuff before my mom would buy. But my office mate was inviting us to “join” if we want to sell or just be a member to get some freebies and stuff.

I end up joining them and see what they have. And in the end I end up joining too. The sign up was not free actually but I got these cool stuff.



I got these cool mugs – microwaveable!


Part of the kit a cologne (the smell is mild) a Baby Care cologne (I am not sure what to do with these as my kids aren’t allowed to use cologne) and a whitening soap – this I can use.


A water container, i like it’s color. Will keep this one as it might come in handy in the future.


The Tupperware food containers. The small ones were part of the kit. The big ones were the ones I need for the initial purchase. The kit is actually at P599 and include those small Tupperware which I like. It is durable! The big blue one cost me around P799 the same amount required for the initial purchase and the big violet one comes free with the blue one! Cool. But I am thinking what will i do those right now? lol.

Hubby says I should sell each, i’ll earn double. But I feel like not selling them because I might use it in the future too. Plus I love the colors. lol.

IMG_20130808_190720 IMG_20130808_190727 IMG_20130808_190731more pics of the Tupperware I got.


It actually comes with a bag, a pink Tupperware bag where all of these fit. Wasn’t able to take a picture of it though. Anyways I find these good stuff. More more more! 😀

fright night…


Yes a little bugger gave me a fright last night. and no, no, i am not going to talk about vampires or werewolves. I am talking about this! (take a look at the picture below)


and no, this isn’t the actual picture. sad to say. too much fright i forgot to take my camera and take a picture of the little bugger.

anyways what happened was i was on top of the kid’s bed bunk.. i like it there. lol it’s like on top of a roof. anyways, the kids were asleep (lower bunk) and i was on top of the bunk and was talking to my husband over the phone… when we were through i sat up straight and noticed something near my right cheek.. i was actually leaning on the wall..when i saw something that wasn’t normal. see the bedroom wall was green, so it would be pretty obvious to see this bugger but i wasn’t able to see him (or her? or it?) …

i actually leaned closer because i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, i leaned closer as i thought it was just a brown scotch (!?) tape on the wall. but what i saw gave me goosebumps lol i am scared of these buggers!! I saw two little gray antenna like sticking on the front and it is slowly…very very very slowly moving.. and i was like huh? what the heck is this slug doing on my bedroom wall!!

i hated it i mean i nearly jump but what i did was of course create some space between us as i was really scared shit, frightened rather. yeah yeah it wouldn’t harm but heck i wouldn’t touch it. basically on a normal day where my husband would be around i would shout and call him to take care of it…but this wasn’t a normal day as he is out of town and i need to take care of this little thingie! of course my kids are too young to do something about it but i bet they would be LESS scared than me. but it was nearly midnight and i couldn’t call for back up. lol. so i took a hard piece of paper (the size of a brochure lol) so there wouldn’t be a chance of touching it. thinking of being near it already give me chills..much more touch it with a piece of paper. But i know it wasn’t really a tape stuck on the wall as the little antennas were moving and the thought of my cheeks nearly touching it gave me frights uugghhhhhh!!

so yes i swipe the hard paper on the little bugger..and opened the bedroom window and threw him out to oblivion… or well outside the yard. lol. It was damn frightening for me. i chicken out on these kinds of stuff. really really really scared of them.

and yes i even game myself a pat on the shoulders for being..errr a bit brave last night… but i end up going to the mirror and checking my hair, back,legs, arms… of one of his (or her) is stuck on me. YES i am that PARANOID. but really i couldn’t fathom why that little slug is on my bedroom wall.. its just not right. creepy for me.

i end up texting my best friend about it just to vent it out. lol.

and now thinking about it.. i should have taken a picture of him (or her) first before i removed him. i mean he wasn’t that harmful but i wasn’t thinking straight the moment i saw him and on the second thought i couldn’t even remember what that piece of hard paper i used to swipe him off.. i wish that wasn’t an important brochure from work. err…

and on the second thought i really did well. lol. i mean on a Normal day too when i encounter a millipede or an earthworm lost in my bathroom or even in the yard they end up getting annihilated by me! so really this one is big big progress of not killing their specie.