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Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick – Nude Perfection


For some months now, I have been wanting to get myself a lipstick in NUDE. Since I am lazy to go to the mall and find one, I would often look at Avon brochures. They do have great shades of lipsticks but sometimes they ran out of stock.

I got lucky when someone gave me a lipstick the other day and its in NUDE!!


Even though our situation here in Zamboanga is still very depressing, I am glad for this little break.

Went home and opened it immediately! See pictures below πŸ™‚


The box πŸ™‚

It says, Ultra Moisture Rich ( I do have to agree, as it is doesn’t make my lips dry, it stays hydrated and doesn’t feel greasy too.)


The inside. Well, as you can see, it is really nude. I love it, it is simple yet feels classic.


The shade, for some reasons, I can’t get a good lighting. But since it is really nude, it’s barely there yet it is there. (don’t know if that sounds right)


I even changed location lol but i don’t know if it gets any better. Anyways, that is its shade and I am raving about it.

But sad to say, I haven’t used it yet formally, just trying it out. Probably when things get a little better here in my place.

This is something I will look forward to. I am also sorry if this doesn’t sound much coherent, probably to many bomb and mortar explosions, my brain is a little rattled.

πŸ™‚ but nonetheless, thank you for the lipstick! πŸ˜€


Avon Pressed Powder and BB Cream


Like I have said I was never into beauty stuff, just lately when I feel like trying out things.

So for this week, I purchased two beauty stuff and essential products if you want to look and feel nice πŸ˜€

AVON Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder


Before anyone ask me why Avon again, See, Avon comes to me. I have lots of friends offering this product. πŸ™‚

Description: Absorb Oil and Get rid of Shine. A clean, shine free finish is never so easy. This silky smooth powder covers blemishes and skin imperfections, providing a transparent, and shine free finish.

Suitable for every day use.

Verdict: I love it as my skin is indeed oily. πŸ˜€ Plus it says it contains SPF 17 πŸ™‚ I actually tried it today and I like it because even when I sweat I don’t look like I have flour splattered on my face.

Avon Skin Goodness BB Cream


The second product I paired with the above product was this BB Cream. Honestly, this was the first time I used a BB Cream. I swear, I don’t know what this is for! I know what a concealer is but I didn’t know what a BB Cream is but they both look alike. I texted my friend Donna (check out her blog –Β http://keepcalmandbeautify.blogspot.com/Β for beauty product reviews) and she told me that BB Cream was popularized by the Koreans. (Plus Koreans look like they have wonderful skin, glowing skin) So that was a bit of educational for me. hehe.

I tried it today too. After showering, I moisturized (I used Pond’s Day Cream and Olay’s Moisurizer – hey I don’t have a post about this two yet πŸ™‚ hmmm) So after moisturizing, I took the BB Cream and applied it and see what it feels like. Then I used the pressed powder. I do love it because my face doesn’t feel heavy.

Description: New Skin Goodness Whitening BB Cream. The Silky Smooth formula feel breathable, and lightweight on skin. Enriched with extract of Orange Blossoms and billions of water molecules, instantly refresh your skin to be hydrated and fairer.

Verdict: I love it too. With concealer, I always feel like I have this big cake junk on my face, that was splattered on my face that it feels so heavy. But with BB Cream, I don’t feel anything at all. But when i looked at my face in the mirror, it looks glowing. It helps for someone like me who only get like 4 hours sleep everyday. And I know sleeping late is really bad for the skin plus I have water problems – I am lazy when drinking water which I am planning on changing that too. πŸ˜‰

So I will definitely keep using this and i’ll see if it has more positive effects.



the box for the pressed powder πŸ™‚


the color of the BB Cream which I believe is the right color for my skin tone. what do you think?


Me, after applying those two. I am not sure if you can see the difference lol.

Sorry for the background my kids thought that the wall was a great canvass for trying out their art skills. πŸ˜€ they could pass as hieroglyphics right? hehe!

Happy Weekend!!

Pink Week: A Catch up – 2 items!


Ok so i was absent for two (or was it three?) days, some personal reasons.


So in order to catch up I will be sharing two pink items I have with me today. and no it isn’t a clothing or a shoe..or undies lol..but

behold, i did forget that i have these:




Yes! I have two pink items. A pink vintage lipstick and a Nichido 3-in-1 lube.(or stick?!)




Yes A vintage pink lipstick that I have with me or in my purse which i did neglect to use till now! It’s from AVON still. What i love about it is, it’s smooth, my lips doesn’t go dry and I love its girlie pink color. I feel young using it. (but i am young lol)



This is the Nichido lube (or stick?!) that I have. I rave this product…


It’s color is called South Beach. I love how it is packaged, look cute and elegant. This was given by my husband’s sister -in-law. She asked her husband to buy this for her in SM Cagayan. She told me this costs around 200+ (if my memory is right) and luckily that day it was on sale. She told her husband to buy her five of that in different shade. but well.. you know men her husband bought her 15 (15!!!!!) of that in ONE shade. LOL.Β  It was only 89 pesos -sale price! So her husband bought her that many hahaha! I was even kidding her, she could put it all day and night long and she will still have a LOT of it.

So she gave me two of them (I gave one to my best friend, Donna, who i know will be reading this blog later tonight yey!).


What I love about Nichodo’s South Beach is the color is just right for me. Not toooo bright for a blush on and not tooo light as if it isn’t there ( i mean if it is barely there what is the point of using a blush on right??) Plus what i love about it is it glitters – not tooo glittery you look like wh*re lol or someone whose kid put glitters on the face but just the right amount of glitter twinkling thingie..lol that you won’t be embarrassed using it during office hours. So yes it looks nice and elegant too. It is 3in1 therefore it can be used as lip gloss / lip color which i barely do because it easily fades away when put in the lips.. but when on the lips it looks like a nude lip color and not as pink.. unlike when used as a blush it gives the right amount of blush.. πŸ˜‰ and last it can be used as an eye shadow color which I also do not use.

For some reasons I don’t like PINK or any color in its tint (or shade?) of pink on my eye lids…eye shadow. I feel like a kid who played with make up when I have it on..or i feel like someone punched me on the face same with a violet eye shadow lol I am comfortable with a bronze,brown,gray and black but not pink on the eyeshadow…

or on the second thought, i just probably DON’T KNOW HOW TO APPLY it properly. whatyathink?


anyways, that’s it for now. anyone tried those products i used? Who raves Nichido here? I would love to try their other products. I also searched for it only and the ingredients or materials used for Nichido is very safe, like organic thingie..it won’t harm our skin or our face too!


Pink – Day 2: My Lip Color :P


Honestly, I don’t have any clothing – from top to bottom to undies – no PINK! (got to remedy that!!)

But I do have one item today that is pink..


Yes, errr.. it doesn’t look that PINK from the picture. but i swear that’s pink!! πŸ˜€


and that’s me. just look at the lip color though. I kinda hate this pic hahah! Took this in a rush, my hair is a mess and hate my glasses too!


this is one is lop-sided..weird. but took this in a hurry since i am in the office now.


and sorry for another blurry pic, but the lip color is from AVON got this last week (was on sale) it’s shade is “amelia rose” it’s just so feminine! haha!

it’s 0815 in the morning and i am blogging instead of starting my office work. sooooo that’s it. my 2nd pink of the week! πŸ˜€