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I don’t deserve them



Yes. Right now I feel like I don’t deserve these three kids in this picture. My little girl is soon to be 9 on October, my sons are 6 and 3 years old. This picture was taken last week when they had a school program.

It was a crazy week for me. I had to rush their costumes, set them up early make up and all- but I wasn’t able to go and watch them dance 😦 I feel rotten but somehow I know they understand. I need to be at work.

Wednesday came and this little boy got sick 😦


This is my youngest, Jhon Javen, we call him JJ. I was surprised because i found blisters all over his body and the doctor said it was due to chicken pox. 😦 I know I took them for immunization when they were young, but Doc said it sometimes can still attack their body:(

But he wasn’t in pain, in fact he is still all hyper and jumpy and happy… somehow he probably know how much I get worried when they get sick.

Then Friday came my nanny had to leave us for awhile because her grandfather died!! She will be back tomorrow.

But it was so hard leaving my kids at home. They didn’t have classes this week because of Intramurals and my youngest needs to stay at home, often times my husband would bring them to work. But today he can’t since my son still needs to be kept at home!

I also can’t be absent from work because it’s a Monday! My heart was so heavy this morning when I have to leave them under my sister-in-laws care which is also a bit hard for her because she is taking take care of 3 kids too!

But anyways, I honestly feel like I don’t deserve them. Leaving them at home. 😦 I called them almost every hour today to check on them. I am just glad they were able to handle themselves quite well. Especially my daughter who assumed responsibility. I honestly told her she doesn’t need to since my sister-in-law was there but she end up taking care of my sons and she was even able to put them to sleep and take a nap in the afternoon!

I so feel like I don’t deserve her. See, they aren’t normal “normal” in a sense where they would ask me for toys. In fact they barely have toys. Yet you would not hear them complain AT ALL.

I am just so thankful that God gave me these wonderful kids right now.

I honestly feel like I don’t deserve them. Yet I know God gave them to me as a gift that I wouldn’t take for granted.