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My nails and it’s current colors!



My current nail colors!  My phone just sucks. I mean from the picture it turned BLUE but I tell you the color is VIOLET/PURPLE and Pink! 🙂

I bought these nail polish, the brand is RAIN for only 13.00!!!! How cheap is t hat? So I couldn’t wait to use both, I mean if i’ll use the pink one this week and then the purple one the following week, I don’t think I can wait that long! 😀 So what I did was alternate the two. And I love it!!

Plus I feel relaxed today:)


Pink Week-Day3: My night shirt?


This is valid (i think) I slept with a pink night shirt – and YES I have one PINK clothing after all!

I totally forgot about this because it was not me who bought it but my husband (!?!?!) even though he knows I don’t use bright colored and printed shirts. lol. So instead of using it for going out… i turned it into a night shirt.

And since I used it last night and still had it on the following day (he he!)  so that is valid right?


early morning picture – not that good. but still in pink! yikes!

and yeah I can’t this song out of my head.. lovely!

Jason Mraz- Wonderful Life

It’s a wonderful life! Have a nice day guys!


Pink – Day 2: My Lip Color :P


Honestly, I don’t have any clothing – from top to bottom to undies – no PINK! (got to remedy that!!)

But I do have one item today that is pink..


Yes, errr.. it doesn’t look that PINK from the picture. but i swear that’s pink!! 😀


and that’s me. just look at the lip color though. I kinda hate this pic hahah! Took this in a rush, my hair is a mess and hate my glasses too!


this is one is lop-sided..weird. but took this in a hurry since i am in the office now.


and sorry for another blurry pic, but the lip color is from AVON got this last week (was on sale) it’s shade is “amelia rose” it’s just so feminine! haha!

it’s 0815 in the morning and i am blogging instead of starting my office work. sooooo that’s it. my 2nd pink of the week! 😀

Pink Week-Day 1: Nail Polish


To start of my blog, I have decided to begin with colors.

Lately I have been thinking that for the past few years, I never really acted like a lady. I mean I am one. lol. But NEVER really thought of doing what most ladies do.


So start of this blog. I will dedicate each day of this week with something PINK. I tried thinking of probably wearing something pink for the office tomorrow – but well, I don’t have any clothing item that is PINK!! I have black – err..mostly all my shirts are black and it’s about time to change.


However, I believe I am in a good start… look below 😉



Sorry as the pixel is not that great. But that nail polish is pink 😀


And starting this day I will have one item that is pink! Honestly, it will be hard for me. I barely have any item right now that is pink. I have black shirts, black pants, black shoes..black undies! I just find black sexy but lately I think I need something light and pastel to brighten up my week, brighten up my day.