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Hypocrisy or what?


I was browsing online looking for some books to read. There will be no work tomorrow and I definitely would have time to read some books.

I browsed National Bookstore’s facebook page, I usually go there to see what books they are advertising, they have list of top 10 Best selling books. One post they have was that of “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire which was translated to Filipino. I am fully aware that books particularly best selling ones are translated to Filipino like Fifty Shades, Twilight and even Hunger Games.

I won’t deny it that at first I was off with the idea of translating those wonderful books to our language. My first thought was it might be weird reading it in Filipino. But after watching last Sunday’s episode of Cheche Lazaro’s Ang Wika Ko. A special documentary on our Filipino language I was like slapped in the face for even feeling ashamed of our language. You can watch the trailer here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59itsdDWSBU , I am not sure where you can find the full version online.

The episode was about the debate on our own language, on some parts it is diminishing, even students fail to translate some words and could not even use the right noun or pronoun or verb in Filipino. Plus the endless battle of using P or F in the word Filipino or Pilipino. It was also discussed how most of our students now could not even speak Filipino straight, it would either be a mixture of English or their native dialect. Like for one here in my city it would either be a mixture of Filipino/English/Chavacano. Anyways, I would totally encourage you to watch that episode.

Back to my facebook observation. There were comments such as why were the books translated, it was such a shame. A SHAME? I am asking myself now. Is it really? Or should we even be proud that the author  allowed the rights to use our language and I bet the author is even a lot more proud that his/her books are translated in a different language thus expanding his/her market.

I personally believe now that it isn’t a shame at all. We should probably start to read in Filipino. I browsed online and saw that the Harry Potter series, Fifty Shades, Twilight were translated in different languages! From German to French to Spanish! WHY NOT in FILIPINO? It is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact it would RAISE OUR FLAG! It is time that we embrace our language! It may not be the most popular language in the world, not the most sought after to learn language in the world but it is OUR LANGUAGE! There are even foreigners who want to learn how to speak our language fluently and strive for it! We Filipinos could barely remember what verb is in Filipino, I for one could not remember the correct sentence structure in Filipino which is a shame! 😦 I am ashamed right now. I used to be good at it in high school, i aced those exams. but what happened right now? Yes I am a hypocrite. I strive my best to write and speak in English but I didn’t strive to be good in Filipino. I stopped. I stopped learning Filipino because I took it for granted.

Those linguistics expert on Cheche Lazaro’s episode said media has something to do with it, most of what we see on cable tv is in English and yes nothing is wrong with that. Good thing right now is that our own Local media strives for Filipino, look at ABS CBN’s shows most are in Filipino now. Cheche Lazaro even shared that the first episodes of her show Probe was in English but the management changed it to English and she herself went through the eye of the needle to learn Filipino as she grew up in an English speaking family! So I believe we must do that too. Learn to speak in Filipino!

I also noticed that we before we barely have good books written in Filipino, well of course, we must not include Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere or the El Filibusterismo as most of us were required to read it during high school But on a second though would we even read it if it wasn’t required? 😦 a lot would not. As I have to admit the words were really that hard to comprehend but after reading it it was still worth it. Let us be thankful for Bob Ong’s books or even those romance novel in Filipino. They still strive their best to uphold our language.

All I want to say is that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN USING OUR OWN LANGUAGE! Walang masama kung gagamitin natin ang sariling atin!

It is about time we use our own language. Oras na!

I even told my husband after watching the movie that we would take time to speak to our children in straight Filipino (or Tagalog, the same!) in straight Filipino so they will never forget to use it. My husband is happy about it as he is an advocate of that.

Before I end, we couldn’t also blame why most Filipinos strive to speak in English because most of their source of living requires speaking in English. I in fact could not deny that as I also work online and my employer is from California and in order for me to be able to communicate with her properly I need to be at level with her and that means speaking in English effectively and efficiently. That’s why most are defensive when it comes to English and learning English and putting more priority in learning English rather than in learning Filipino. Probably if we generate more jobs in our own land then probably we could also solve the problem of Filipinos loving our own Filipino language. I hope I am right here.

I could also remember doing a job for my employer where she asked me to do a research of the different language schools worldwide. Most of these language schools offer learning the following languages, English, Spanish, French,German,Japanese,Korean,Arabic,Mandarin. These were the top languages that people want to learn. How I wish soon I could see Filipino as one of the languages that people would want to learn.

And how I wish Filipino..some would stop being a hypocrite and embrace our language!

Oras na para mahalin ang sariling atin, at siguro pag ginawa natin ito magsisimula tayong umunlad. Hindi tayo uunlad kung hindi natin gagawin ito. Mahirap sa simula, at marami marahil ang hindi sasang-ayon subalit ito ang paraan na aking naiisip para makamit nga natin ang “daang matuwid”, isa sa mga paraan 🙂