Vegetable Ukoy (Vegetable Fritters!)


My kids are very picky eaters. They won’t eat veggies much more if you don’t put any imagination to the food! But I like this because it is a challenge for me.

This morning, we went to the market and I purchased some vegetables, from carrots, cabbages to monggo sprouts, also some protein – chicken!

I was thinking of just making a sauteed veggies with chicken but that is quite common and I know the kids would just pick on the chicken and leave the veggies out!

So what I did was make “ukoy” my own version. I know the usual “ukoy” sold contains shrimps, monggo sprout mixed in a batter of flour and egg and sometimes it doesn’t taste anything at all!

But since this is my own version – I made it extra special. 🙂 Here are the ingredients…and no exact measurement because I eyeballed all of it 😀






carrots – minced/diced/strips – whatever you like it

cabbage – strips /mined/ diced

monggo sprout

chicken – minced / diced – its all up to you

salt and pepper to taste



I started mixing the veggies first in a big bowl, since I was eyeballing it all out, i did this first so i could also see how much flour will i use.

Then I got some flour – probably the amount I use half a cup will do, then also a quarter of a cup of cornstarch. I added some cornstarch because it makes the fritters / ukoy crispy. After mixing the two, I added eggs, since I am not stingy – I added 3 eggs ( i love eggs!) but 2 will do i guess. But the consistency you want to achieve will be not too thick and not too thin. After that I added the veggies and chicken, then salt and pepper to taste.

I was also thinking of adding some Paprika (very mild) and the kids love it but found out i ran out of it 😦 it would add a bit of a kick to the whole recipe. But if you have it you can add it.

Then after mixing, heat your pan with some oil and then fry it away! 😀 how thick or how big is up to you just make sure you get a crispy crust outside and cooked a bit moist in the inside!



The result! 😀 I love the color and i love the smell. Plus it was a hit with the kids. That plate was full of ukoy but my kids devoured it immediately!

So happy because they didn’t know they were eating veggies and lots of it!!! 😉

For those wanting to know the right amount, I could probably make again and will be measuring it! don’t hesitate to comment and ask me questions! Happy eating!!


This & That Tag!


I actually wasn’t tagged but i feel like doing this 😀 my friend Donna (check her blog out by clicking her name! )made this on her blog 😀 this feels like one of those things you answer in an autograph – just a bit on a higher level lol.


1.  Blush or Bronzer. Blush – for now, I haven’t tried Bronzer yet but I so want to. I have read somewhere that it emphasizes your cheek bones and I need that as I have chubby cheeks! 

2. Lip gloss or lip stick. Lipstick. I don’t like lip gloss as it feels slimy or sticky lol
3. Eyeliner or mascara.  Eyeliner – bronze or brown in color, i like how it plays with my eyes. I can’t use mascara for now as it elongates my eye lashes more which is annoying because it touches the lenses of my eyeglasses which reminds me to go and get contact lenses! 
4. Foundation or concealer.  BB cream 😀 my new found love
5. Natural or colored eyeshadow. Copper colored eyeshadow, i love smoky eyeshadow but not just often
6. Pressed or loose eyeshadow. Pressed. I didn’t know there is such thing as loose eyeshadow.
7. Brush or sponge. Brush, it balances the color more 


1. Opi or China Glaze.  I don’t even know the difference of the two! Can anyone tell me? 
2. Long or short. Long as it makes me feel glamorous…but had to cut it short sometimes because It gets in the way in doing household chores. 
3. Acrylic or natural. Natural.
4. Bright or dark. Bright 🙂 It just brighten things up 
5. Flower or no flower. no flower.. i guess i am not too girly. lol



1. Perfume or body splash. Perfume but i barely use it
2. Lotion or body butter. Body Butter – I tried one before when a friend gave me from Body Shop
3. Body wash or soap. Soap – been using Dove lately, I love how it feels afterwards. 
4. Lush or Other.  what is lush? care to tell me?



1. Jeans or sweat pants. Jeans. Sweat pants not suitable here. 
2. Long sleeves or short sleeves. Short sleeves, I don’t like using long sleeves because I easily feel hot and I get sweaty all over. 
3. Dress or skirt. Dress – i know i look better in a dress 😀 
4. Scarves or hat. Scarves, but i barely use one. Hats? not also it is so hot i don’t think it is applicable here
5. Studs or dangling earrings. Both. depends on the occasion. 
6. Necklace or bracelet. Bracelet. Necklace? no no, i don’t like anything on my neck especially chokers. 
7. Heels or flats. Heels – they make me feel sexy lol but lately I wear flats so i can run fast in case i need to! 😉 
8. Cowboy boots or riding boots.  Riding boots, I don’t have any but they look sexy with denim shorts. 
9. Jackets or hoodies. Jackets – it is classic, hoodies make me feel fat…all bundled up. 
10. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. Forever 21. I have their shop in Davao and I love the clothes but I can’t afford it for now 😦 



1. Curly or straight. Straight, it’s classic. 
2. Bun or ponytail. Both. Depending on what I am doing. Ponytail when I am having a bad hair day and I need to go to the office. Bun – when I am at home and doing chores i don’t like my hair all over my face. 
3. Bobby pin or butterfly clips.  Bobby pins – classic again. It stays hidden. barely there. 
4. Hairspray or gel. None. I don’t find it a need for now. 
5. Long or short.  Long, a few months ago I had it cut near my chin, and I am longing for it to grow fast and now it is past my shoulder so i am happy about it! yey! 
6. Dark or light. Dark – but  I want to have highlights too.. probably white (like Rogue lol ) weird. 
7. Side swept bangs or full bangs.  no bangs at all. weird for me. 
8. Up or down. Down 



1. Rain or shine. Shine for now – we can’t afford to have rain in our current situation. 

2. Summer or winter.  Summer – i love the beach and i love summer dresses. 
3. Fall or spring. Fall. I so want to experience fall and get to see the leave changing colors. 
4. Chocolate or vanilla. CHOCOLATE – need i say more? 😀 

Don’t forget to leave your links down below if you do this tag. See you!

On a serious note


It is the 17th day now. When this all started, I was full of strong emotions – good and bad. And that was one reason why I didn’t write anything because I am afraid it might be too much and I might regret the words I’ll utter.

Now – what do I feel? The only thing I am feeling right now is EXHAUSTION. This is normal I guess. It is that time when I guess I reached my plateaus point.

For 17 days now, I heard so much explosion – from guns, to mortars, to whatever explosive device they used. Too much to last me for a lifetime.

When it started it felt surreal. It felt like out of a movie, soldiers running everywhere with their guns, big humvees, war vehicles in my city, it feels like a nightmare. The city where I used to feel nothing but security. Yes! Before, when friends from Manila or Davao would say Zamboanga is dangerous – the land of bombs! I would just laugh it off and say, no it isn’t, most of those fights before happen in the outskirts, in Basilan or Lamitan.

But now? I don’t think I could even deny it. Everyone must have heard of what is happening here in my city. It is on national news, people are seeing the bad side of it 😦 which is so sad because before no one even dared to take a look at our beautiful city.

But it is still home for me, the thought of living in another city where it will be more peaceful came into our minds. Me and my hubby talked about it…but I don’t know when.

A big part of me doesn’t want to leave this place – this place where I grew up. The place where I could even walk blindfold and I won’t get lost! lol.

I stopped reading the newspaper, I stopped reading facebook posts, I stopped looking at news on TV. why? They sensationalize things. Some would say it is the government’s fault. Some would lash out on the MNLF, some would even hurl harsh comments on the soldiers… it is getting crazy.

All I can say is, we are all human – with this happening, humanity is lost. People from the MNLF side died – meaning they, somehow have loved one grieving too, kids left orphaned and same with the side of the Army, the Marines. NO WINNER and the pain will be endless, the pain will be there and sad to say there will still be someone who will hold grudges and this will never stop. 😦

but somehow i am hoping it will. that someone one or two will initiate to forgive and somehow probably forget – but maybe not forget because it will serve as a reminder how once humanity is being massacred, how humanity was lost…. but will it ever happen? the forgiveness? 😦 i don’t think so as long as there will be persons who will hold grudges, who will feel deprived, feel lost, feel like they have been blindsided…

All i want right now is for my city, Zamboanga to stand up, to hold on to that little bit of hope left now, and somehow Mi Ciudad de Zamboanga, will be stronger and still prosper.


Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick – Nude Perfection


For some months now, I have been wanting to get myself a lipstick in NUDE. Since I am lazy to go to the mall and find one, I would often look at Avon brochures. They do have great shades of lipsticks but sometimes they ran out of stock.

I got lucky when someone gave me a lipstick the other day and its in NUDE!!


Even though our situation here in Zamboanga is still very depressing, I am glad for this little break.

Went home and opened it immediately! See pictures below 🙂


The box 🙂

It says, Ultra Moisture Rich ( I do have to agree, as it is doesn’t make my lips dry, it stays hydrated and doesn’t feel greasy too.)


The inside. Well, as you can see, it is really nude. I love it, it is simple yet feels classic.


The shade, for some reasons, I can’t get a good lighting. But since it is really nude, it’s barely there yet it is there. (don’t know if that sounds right)


I even changed location lol but i don’t know if it gets any better. Anyways, that is its shade and I am raving about it.

But sad to say, I haven’t used it yet formally, just trying it out. Probably when things get a little better here in my place.

This is something I will look forward to. I am also sorry if this doesn’t sound much coherent, probably to many bomb and mortar explosions, my brain is a little rattled.

🙂 but nonetheless, thank you for the lipstick! 😀

Avon Pressed Powder and BB Cream


Like I have said I was never into beauty stuff, just lately when I feel like trying out things.

So for this week, I purchased two beauty stuff and essential products if you want to look and feel nice 😀

AVON Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder


Before anyone ask me why Avon again, See, Avon comes to me. I have lots of friends offering this product. 🙂

Description: Absorb Oil and Get rid of Shine. A clean, shine free finish is never so easy. This silky smooth powder covers blemishes and skin imperfections, providing a transparent, and shine free finish.

Suitable for every day use.

Verdict: I love it as my skin is indeed oily. 😀 Plus it says it contains SPF 17 🙂 I actually tried it today and I like it because even when I sweat I don’t look like I have flour splattered on my face.

Avon Skin Goodness BB Cream


The second product I paired with the above product was this BB Cream. Honestly, this was the first time I used a BB Cream. I swear, I don’t know what this is for! I know what a concealer is but I didn’t know what a BB Cream is but they both look alike. I texted my friend Donna (check out her blog – for beauty product reviews) and she told me that BB Cream was popularized by the Koreans. (Plus Koreans look like they have wonderful skin, glowing skin) So that was a bit of educational for me. hehe.

I tried it today too. After showering, I moisturized (I used Pond’s Day Cream and Olay’s Moisurizer – hey I don’t have a post about this two yet 🙂 hmmm) So after moisturizing, I took the BB Cream and applied it and see what it feels like. Then I used the pressed powder. I do love it because my face doesn’t feel heavy.

Description: New Skin Goodness Whitening BB Cream. The Silky Smooth formula feel breathable, and lightweight on skin. Enriched with extract of Orange Blossoms and billions of water molecules, instantly refresh your skin to be hydrated and fairer.

Verdict: I love it too. With concealer, I always feel like I have this big cake junk on my face, that was splattered on my face that it feels so heavy. But with BB Cream, I don’t feel anything at all. But when i looked at my face in the mirror, it looks glowing. It helps for someone like me who only get like 4 hours sleep everyday. And I know sleeping late is really bad for the skin plus I have water problems – I am lazy when drinking water which I am planning on changing that too. 😉

So I will definitely keep using this and i’ll see if it has more positive effects.



the box for the pressed powder 🙂


the color of the BB Cream which I believe is the right color for my skin tone. what do you think?


Me, after applying those two. I am not sure if you can see the difference lol.

Sorry for the background my kids thought that the wall was a great canvass for trying out their art skills. 😀 they could pass as hieroglyphics right? hehe!

Happy Weekend!!

My nails and it’s current colors!



My current nail colors!  My phone just sucks. I mean from the picture it turned BLUE but I tell you the color is VIOLET/PURPLE and Pink! 🙂

I bought these nail polish, the brand is RAIN for only 13.00!!!! How cheap is t hat? So I couldn’t wait to use both, I mean if i’ll use the pink one this week and then the purple one the following week, I don’t think I can wait that long! 😀 So what I did was alternate the two. And I love it!!

Plus I feel relaxed today:)

Green Tea with Lemon


I am in the office right now while making this post. Unlike my officemates who would prefer coffee, I go for Green Tea.

Today I made one with a twist.



I used Lipton’s Green tea, I took one tea bag out and dipped in hot water. And added some lemon juice!:)

It tastes refreshing plus the lemon juice added some punch! I might do this from now on. And I searched online and found out that adding lemon juice to the green tea increases the tea’s power by 80% more antioxidants!  Green tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis. It improves mental alertness and thinking! So much better than coffee (i think!)

Try it!!


The use lemon, I still have the other half which i’ll be using this afternoon. And the Green Tea bag which I can also still use this afternoon.

🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a nice day!